Ruth Fisher was part of the first cohort of 4 Natural Juice Therapists to graduate through the Juice Master Natural Juice Therapy Course.

Having worked in the financial services industry for over 20 years, Ruth found herself becoming increasingly interested in food and nutrition, especially after a lifetime of trying all the typical ‘diets’ and diet solutions.

After hearing an interview with Jason Vale on Radio 2 last year, “all of a sudden things started to make sense,” said Ruth  “after reading one of his books and acquiring a juicer I was then privileged to be able to attend one of the fabulous juicy retreats in Turkey. My own personal weight loss was rapid (but without the usual feelings of hunger), my fitness levels increased and all accompanied with boundless energy – what a revelation!”

After coming back from the retreat Ruth was full of enthusiasm about the impact juicing had had on her personally.  She decided that studying to become a Natural Juice Therapist was a natural continuation of wanting to learn more, so that she could share her passion for life with everyone who is interested.

Ruth has not only completed the course, but also applied her learning and made huge personal changes to her diet but also managed to exercise regularly as she believes this is vital to maintaining a healthy body and mind.

What Now …

Ruth is available to work with clients who, for whatever reason, are looking for an alternative to being overweight, lethargic, suffering from illness or disease or need a good nutritional plan to suit their lifestyle.

If you are interested in arranging a consultation, then please contact Ruth.