Ruth qualifies

28 09 2010

Ruth Fisher, is one of the first in the country to qualify as a Natural Juice Therapist. The course, devised by professional juice expert Jason Vale and accredited by the Complimentary Medical Association, was created to train people to become professional therapists in Natural Juice Therapy, also known as Orthomolecular Medicine.

Jason Vale known publicly as the ‘Juice Master’ is widely regarded as the world’s leading expert on juicing.  Jason is also a bestselling author and public speaker on health, addiction and nutrition and has spent the last 10 years teaching people about the medicinal powers of freshly extracted fruits and vegetable juices.

Juice, and specifically Nutrition Therapy is the prevention and treatment of disease and illness using high dose nutrient therapy in the form of raw foods, freshly extracted fruits and vegetable juices and supplements.  The course is the first of it’s kind in the UK and has attracted a strong cohort of students with Mrs Fisher being one of the first to qualify and officially being recognised as the first Natural Juice Therapist.

The course centres around the fundamental principle supported by Hippocrates of ‘let food be thy medicine’.   This founding principle has been developed by leading practitioners in the USA for the last 100 years, now through people like Jason Vale in the UK and the soon to be network of Natural Juice Therapists.

Jason said, “We now live in a world where disease and illness are a naturally accepted part of life.  It’s madness that people do not realise that the answer to the vast majority of our own medical conditions are a direct result of what we feed ourselves and that the answer to most of them actually lies in nature.”

Ruth commented, “  I am so pleased to have completed my qualification and am so looking forward to sharing the knowledge I have and really making a difference to peoples lives.  Intorducing juicing into your life is one of the best things you can do to improve your health – it has so many benefits as has been shown through the experience of so many people who have already done so!”.